dicot family

dicot family
family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Hypernyms: ↑family
magnoliid dicot family, ↑hamamelid dicot family, ↑caryophylloid dicot family, ↑dilleniid dicot family, ↑asterid dicot family, ↑rosid dicot family, ↑Myricaceae, ↑family Myricaceae, ↑wax-myrtle family, ↑Leitneriaceae, ↑family Leitneriaceae, ↑corkwood family, ↑Apocynaceae, ↑family Apocynaceae, ↑dogbane family, ↑Aristolochiaceae, ↑family Aristolochiaceae, ↑birthwort family, ↑Rafflesiaceae, ↑family Rafflesiaceae, ↑Hydnoraceae, ↑family Hydnoraceae, ↑Primulaceae, ↑family Primulaceae, ↑primrose family, ↑Myrsinaceae, ↑family Myrsinaceae, ↑myrsine family, ↑Plumbaginaceae, ↑family Plumbaginaceae, ↑leadwort family, ↑sea-lavender family, ↑Theophrastaceae, ↑family Theophrastaceae, ↑Cucurbitaceae, ↑family Cucurbitaceae, ↑gourd family, ↑Goodeniaceae, ↑family Goodeniaceae, ↑Goodenia family, ↑Lobeliaceae, ↑family Lobeliaceae, ↑lobelia family, ↑Proteaceae, ↑family Proteaceae, ↑protea family, ↑Casuarinaceae, ↑family Casuarinaceae, ↑Gentianaceae, ↑family Gentianaceae, ↑gentian family, ↑Salvadoraceae, ↑family Salvadoraceae, ↑Salvadora family, ↑Oleaceae, ↑family Oleaceae, ↑olive family, ↑Juglandaceae, ↑family Juglandaceae, ↑walnut family, ↑Combretaceae, ↑family Combretaceae, ↑combretum family, ↑Elaeagnaceae, ↑family Elaeagnaceae, ↑oleaster family, ↑Haloragidaceae, ↑family Haloragidaceae, ↑Haloragaceae, ↑family Haloragaceae, ↑water-milfoil family, ↑Lecythidaceae, ↑family Lecythidaceae, ↑Lythraceae, ↑family Lythraceae, ↑loosestrife family, ↑Myrtaceae, ↑family Myrtaceae, ↑myrtle family, ↑Nyssaceae, ↑family Nyssaceae, ↑sour-gum family, ↑tupelo family, ↑Punicaceae, ↑family Punicaceae, ↑Rhizophoraceae, ↑family Rhizophoraceae, ↑mangrove family, ↑Thymelaeaceae, ↑family Thymelaeaceae, ↑daphne family, ↑Trapaceae, ↑family Trapaceae, ↑Urticaceae, ↑family Urticaceae, ↑nettle family, ↑Cannabidaceae, ↑family Cannabidaceae, ↑hemp family, ↑Moraceae, ↑family Moraceae, ↑mulberry family, ↑Cecropiaceae, ↑family Cecropiaceae, ↑Ulmaceae, ↑family Ulmaceae, ↑elm family, ↑Menyanthaceae, ↑family Menyanthaceae, ↑buckbean family, ↑Loganiaceae, ↑family Loganiaceae, ↑Linaceae, ↑family Linaceae, ↑flax family, ↑Plantaginaceae, ↑family Plantaginaceae, ↑plantain family, ↑Polygonaceae, ↑family Polygonaceae, ↑buckwheat family, ↑Amygdalaceae, ↑family Amygdalaceae, ↑Sapindaceae, ↑family Sapindaceae, ↑soapberry family, ↑Buxaceae, ↑family Buxaceae, ↑box family, ↑Celastraceae, ↑family Celastraceae, ↑spindle-tree family, ↑staff-tree family, ↑Empetraceae, ↑family Empetraceae, ↑crowberry family, ↑Aceraceae, ↑family Aceraceae, ↑maple family, ↑Aquifoliaceae, ↑family Aquifoliaceae, ↑holly family, ↑Anacardiaceae, ↑family Anacardiaceae, ↑sumac family, ↑Hippocastanaceae, ↑family Hippocastanaceae, ↑horse-chestnut family, ↑Staphylaceae, ↑family Staphylaceae, ↑bladdernut family, ↑Ebenaceae, ↑family Ebenaceae, ↑ebony family, ↑Sapotaceae, ↑family Sapotaceae, ↑sapodilla family, ↑Symplocaceae, ↑family Symplocaceae, ↑sweetleaf family, ↑Styracaceae, ↑family Styracaceae, ↑storax family, ↑styrax family, ↑Sarraceniaceae, ↑family Sarraceniaceae, ↑pitcher-plant family, ↑Nepenthaceae, ↑family Nepenthaceae, ↑Droseraceae, ↑family Droseraceae, ↑sundew family, ↑Roridulaceae, ↑family Roridulaceae, ↑Convolvulaceae, ↑family Convolvulaceae, ↑morning-glory family, ↑Orobanchaceae, ↑family Orobanchaceae, ↑broomrape family, ↑Rhamnaceae, ↑family Rhamnaceae, ↑buckthorn family, ↑Vitaceae, ↑family Vitaceae, ↑Vitidaceae, ↑grapevine family, ↑Piperaceae, ↑family Piperaceae, ↑pepper family, ↑Chloranthaceae, ↑family Chloranthaceae, ↑Saururaceae, ↑family Saururaceae, ↑lizard's-tail family, ↑Asclepiadaceae, ↑family Asclepiadaceae, ↑milkweed family

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